Barney Vallelys Irish Pub Cologne
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Barney Vallelys Irish Pub Cologne
Barney Vallelys Irish Pub Cologne
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Established in 1989 the Cölschies have been knocking back the beers, having craic and even playing some football in and around Cologne.

The Cölschies play almost every Saturday all year round. If you think you can play to the highest standard then give someone else a call, otherwise just ask the lads behind the bar in Barney Vallely's about us and then turn up for the next game!

Check out some Cölschies photos from the last few years here.

Download the 2007 Cölschies Christmas magazine here (5 MB).

If you're lucky enough to be an ex-Cölschie and you have a few pics for the gallery then email them to us at this address -